Statement Style

The word “statement” is one of the most heard terms when it comes to the fashion world (apart from daahhhling)! While fashion statement is becoming a buzzword that is taking over our outfit choices, it is also good to understand what it actually means. Making a statement in fashion is a way of getting your style noticed, for all the right reasons.

It came from the mid-1990s when street style blogs started to bloom all over the Internet, and people posted inspirational pictures of styles they’ve found in the street. The common denominator of fashion statements is people who dress in such a way that they capture our attention. In short, a fashion statement stands out from the crowd.

I’ve done a bit of research on the subject, and there in my opinion are three ways of letting your fashion style stand out:

Statement Clothes

Whether you feel adventurous and pick a brightly coloured blouse or a pair of leather trousers, sometimes all you need to stand out is to wear something that is out of the ordinary. At the office, this could be a colourful blazer, or even a patterned dress – assuming it’s in a classic cut. Outside of the office, or if your office is all up for casual dress wear, the T-shirt with a message is a great hit when it comes to making a statement. You just need to load up Instagram to see slogan tees. It can be tricky to find a unique piece of clothing but you can rely on personalised items such as t-shirts from or something bespoke from Etsy, to attract some attention in the crowd. Be bold, pick one word to print on the front, or write a killer statement.  


Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery is the ideal way to bring a touch of originality to your outfit. However, it’s an art to wear your jewellery effectively and without looking too much or missing the point. Therefore the best tip is to keep your outfit simple and to use one piece of statement jewellery to highlight it. Remember that less is more, so you don’t need to overdo it. But one piece of statement jewellery doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be wearing any other jewellery. You can still wear your favourite neutrals, such as small earrings or cuff bracelets, with your statement item.


Statement Accessories

Statement accessories are almost everything that is left, from shoes to handbag via belts. Again, less is often more, so if you want to combine accessories make sure that they are colour-coordinated. The best way to shine in a simple outfit is to pick visible and bright items, such as a large handbag or a pair of bright shoes (check out these examples from Pinterest). While red shoes are still a hit and a symbol of femininity, you can choose to use playful shades, such as purple, green, blue or even pink. Here again, it’s key to keep your outfit simple if you want to shoes to stand out.