Spring has Finally Sprung!

Spring has finally sprung, and it is a time for new beginnings. When you think about it, this should be the time of year you should commit to new lifestyle resolutions in readiness for going on holiday. The dark days that follow the 1st of January are inevitably going to sap your motivation, while spring brings with it longer days, lighter evenings and the promise of summer just around the corner. So, why not commit to making a super springtime resolution yourself? If you’re struggling for ideas, here’s few to give you a bit of inspiration:


Set Fitness Goals


Getting fit is the classic New Year’s resolution, and in the spring, you can actually get outside to stay fit, so take up running or join an outdoor fitness class. I’m actually thinking of taking up the park run again. If you need some added motivation, think about rewarding yourself when you hit a certain goal with some new summer accessories from your favourite store or check out the Olgaberg Collection. Remember to always be focused towards your goals, but always set yourself achievable dates in which you can achieve them.

Go To New Places

They say that variety is the spice of life, after all. Rather than your regular holiday destination, book yourself somewhere completely new. There is nothing like new surroundings for adding a sense of excitement and adventure to your life. You don’t even have to go too far afield. Pretend you are a tourist in your hometown and think about what you would see and visit. Even visiting a new restaurant, coffee shop or park will give you an entirely new perspective on the place you live.

Start Saying Yes

Whether out of nervousness or tiredness, you may well have missed out on something worthwhile or meeting someone that’s worth meeting! It’s true when they say we tend to do the most growing as people outside of our comfort zones. Try saying yes to invitations – you may not enjoy everything, but you will have plenty of new experiences and maybe even make some new friends.

Write A Diary

This is something in the back of many people’s minds, but they never actually get round to following through with it. Writing a diary or a blog is one of the most rewarding things that you can do, both for now and the future. In the short term, it allows you to reflect on each day and give yourself time to process all the things that have happened. In the long term, it will give you something to look back on and remember times that would otherwise have been long forgotten.

Watch Less TV

We have probably all had that feeling that we are simply watching too much telly (good article for reference here). Instead, try devoting your time to the other passions that you have in life.   


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