Shoes to wear with straight leg denim

Get ready to put your skinny jeans away and pull out an old favourite because straight leg denim is back – and it plans to stay for 2017. They are the epitome of relaxed style, and perfect for almost every body type thanks to their relaxed but flattering fit. Partnered with a jumper or relaxed tee, the straight leg jean screams chilled-out style.

However, they may seem unappealing if you’re not clued up on how to properly rock them. So girls, how do you make the most of straight leg jeans? We’ve got the answers…

Focus on the fit. Make sure they are slim – and we aren’t talking tight like skinny jeans. They should hug your hips and thighs before loosening up for the classic straight leg fit. Whilst they can be partnered with a top easily, it can be a struggle to finish off the look with the right shoes. Here are some of your best choices…

Canvas trainers:
For kicking back on those truly casual days, pair straight leg denim with canvas trainers like Converse – they’ll help you perfect that chilled-out look. For blue jeans, opt for white trainers.

Alternatively, you can also opt for slip-on trainers, which suit casual straight leg jeans down to a tee.

Ballet flats:
For the warmer weather, pull out your ballet flats to finish the look. Make sure the hem of your jeans is about an inch above the floor to show off your shoes. You don’t want to keep them hidden.

Kitten heels:
Looking to dress up your straight leg jeans? Low kitten heels are the answer. Heading for drinks after work? They’re a great option to transform your outfit.

Ankle boots:
A pair of low heel ankle boots with straight leg denim is the perfect combination for those colder climates. Again, don’t hide them – show your boots off! Don’t tuck the jeans into the boots and instead let the jeans either hang over the top or cuff the jeans.

Mule sandals:
A pair of jewelled mule sandals look great with straight leg jeans. When the summer weather hits, an open style shoe helps you stand you in good stead walking the high street.

Need a more formal look but want to stick to straight leg? Brogues are the perfect choice, a versatile piece of footwear that can be worn in the office or in a restaurant. You’ll want a smart brown or lighter pair if you’re wearing blue jeans – as black can clash.

As you can probably tell, you’ve got quite a versatile range of footwear to choose from when you decide to don your straight leg jeans. Keep comfort and casual style in mind and you won’t go wrong.


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