Life Lately

It’s been a busy old few weeks lately! There has been so much going on that I hardly know where to begin! In between work and Brownies we’ve been viewing a lot of houses, my two friends just opened up their new cafe: Hive Coffee Company near to where I live, and I’ve been putting some graft in for them!

My hobbies have totally fallen to the wayside a little as I just haven’t had time to fit them all in. I haven’t been cooking anything at all, I haven’t been blogging, or taking any photographs!

It makes you think about how life is all about ‘balance’ which I’ve never really understood until my balance has been completely thrown off. I’ve been so busy this week which means I’ve been eating badly, meaning my skin has gone south, and meaning the gym has been put on hold for a week, meaning my head’s a little cloudier which reflected on my work and mood.

I’ve been learning from my Hygge book that the Danish never have more than ‘5 things’ to live a relaxed and balanced life. That could be a job, family, car, hobby, business anything! Their understanding is that any more than 5 things on the go at once is too much for any one person to deal with. It got me thinking about all the things I have on the go: job, house, family, car, gym, Brownies, blog, cafe, trying to have a social life, it’s a lot going on!

One thing I’d really like to do more is get into photography again. I was thinking about my old lecturer and how much I enjoyed uni, makes me want to do something super creative! That thought lost me a few hours of my life on Pinterest, and then I stumbled across this video that made me think of all of my photography lecturers which was nice!

Photography is definitely something I need to get back into and will be a great creative outlet for me. Watch this space – R&R is definitely needed for me soon, I think I need a holiday!


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