Making your House a Home

A house isn’t a home until it’s filled with things that make us happy. Whether that’s cushions with adorable designs, or gadgets in the kitchen, I’m all for making my house as homely as possible. There are some things every home needs, like sweet little picture frames filled with photos of loved ones, or house plants and flowers.

Home will never feel like home until it’s full of people you love, but unfortunately, they’ve got their own things to do everyday sooo it’s a bit tricky for them to be around all the time. The next best thing is probably keeping photos of them dotted around the home. Choose picture frames that suit your decor, and you can get away with a fair few pics before it starts to look cluttered. 

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, you’ll know that books make the best accessories. Huge reference books are the perfect coffee table ornament, and guests always love to flick through the glossy pages. A bookcase full of books that you love fills a corner of a room perfectly, and if you put a comfy chair, a small side table, and a lamp with it, you’ve got yourself the reading nook of your dreams.

House plants are by far the best way to bring colour, brightness, energy and life into a room, and they look so cute as well. Depending on how much light your home gets, and how much time you’re willing to spend seeing to their welfare, there are different types of plants available. Spider plants and yuccas require very little energy and effort, and will grow happily, even after you’ve upset them a bit. If you want something exquisite but a little bit needier, a bonsai tree is great fun to try to keep.

Life’s too short to drink wine out of ugly glasses. If you’ve recently been married, chances are you’ll have every shape of wine glass and whisky tumbler under the sun now in your possession – after all, they make fantastic wedding gifts. If not, it’s time for a shopping spree. You need champagne flutes, wine glasses big enough for the whole bottle, cute cut glass tumblers, and a couple of pint glasses for beer lovers too. And yes, glassware does count as an accessory when it’s this beautiful.

Anyone who cooks knows that, while you don’t need all the cool kitchen gadgets, they certainly make cooking a whole lot more fun. From a biscuit tin which matches the coffee jar, to a heavy stone mortar and pestle, a proper bamboo steamer, and an ice cream maker – kitchen gadgets are the ultimate home accessories. They make great items for birthday and Christmas gift lists, and fantastic presents for friends and family too.

If there’s not a cat or dog in your home, you’re going to need something to replace them. Everyone need a fluffy blanket, cushions, or bed throw in order to snuggle down and feel cozy and safe. They also help to add texture and interest to the decor of the room which is a bonus. But mainly they’re great for setting up a den in front of the television and enjoying the warmth – fluffy accessories are a must-purchase for any home.


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