How to wear statement jewellery

When someone says “fashion”, the first thing your mind jumps to is clothes, however jewellery can be the perfect way to breathe a little more life into your outfit. Like me, you might be constantly scouring the web looking for the perfect piece of striking statement jewellery with not much luck.

Although statement jewellery can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, it can sometimes be tricky to pull off without being too OTT. Here are some tips for wearing yours effectively…

Sometimes, Less is More

Your bolder pieces of jewellery should be allowed to stand out and catch the eye, but you shouldn’t over-saturate your look by wearing anything too much. The ‘unwritten rule’ is to wear one big piece at a time, but if you do want to wear more than one at a time, avoid bracelets and rings on the same hand, unless you have one dominant piece standing out from the rest. Some understated cuff bracelets, for example, can make your diamond look bigger and more impressive on a ring. Large, layered chain necklaces can look exceptionally classy if they’re worn right. 

Make Your Outfit Simple

Big, loud accessories are best combined with fairly simple clothes. Try to steer clear of any complex patterns or flashy embellishments like sequins. A little black dress is often perfect as a backdrop for one or two silver or diamond-set statement pieces, whereas jeans and a white top are great in combination with something larger, bright and colourful.  When you’re wearing something more minimalist and understated you can afford to combine it with clothes that have more complex patterns.


Match your Necklace to your Neckline

Strapless, off-shoulder, and V-neck tops or dresses are all ideal for your typical statement necklace, as they’ll take some of the focus off your main outfit, and let the necklace do all the talking. Any halter necks, collars and excessive detailing should all be avoided, as this can often clash with the bolder statement pieces. A solid-colour turtleneck can work wonderfully with a statement necklace, provided that you make sure it’s form-fitting, and one colour all the way through. 

Don’t Forget your Nails!

If the statement piece you’re thinking of happens to be a ring, you need to remember that it will be drawing attention to your hands, and in turn, your nails. Most importantly, make sure the colour of your nails doesn’t clash with the colours that make up your ring. As long as you’re nails are right, you can have as much fun as you like with your statement rings.

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