Dinner Party Etiquette

Not sure about you, but I’m getting to the age where I have the urge to start hosting dinner parties instead of going on nights out and eating cheesy chips at 4am. I definitely feel old – I’ve started tutting at ‘youths’ and looking forward to bin day.

Anyway, I love hosting dinner parties and little nights at my house. Granted, they are still alcohol fuelled but a tad more sophisticated than staggering out of a nightclub at all ours. A friend I’d invited asked me what to bring and how to behave so I thought it would be funny to write a post with some unwritten rules.

  1. Don’t turn up empty handed

Think of it this way, when you’re invited to a party, you are eating and drinking for free. The host will have paid for everyone’s food and drink, so turning up with a little something for them can be a nice gesture. By turning up without a little something to give the host looks stingy, so make sure to get them something – be it a couple of bottles of wine, gourmet cheese hampers, or even a box of chocolates, it doesn’t matter. M&S product works a treat on me.

2. Don’t turn up in your pyjamas unless I’ve told you to..

This is probably going to be worse for you than it is for me but it’s pretty self-explanatory. The host is putting in some effort here so you should too!

3. It’s nice to offer to bring something

Even if you offer to bring starter or dessert, a bottle of bubbly or some nibbles, it’s always nice to offer! I will probably say no because I’m *flicks hair* so organised but I’ll like that you’ve offered.

4. If you’re a veggie/vegan, tell me

This will avoid you awkwardly picking the bits of chicken out of my tagine, or worse putting it in a tissue and flushing it down the loo like they do in the film world!

You can read more about modern day dinner party etiquette here.

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