Accessorising your work wardrobe

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Accessorising casual outfits can be fairly simple and straightforward – it’s just a case of picking pieces that work well with the theme of the occassion. It’s incredibly easy to ruin an outfit by teaming the wrong accessories together, so it pays to think carefully about what will work well.

Accessorising can be a great way to bring any outfit up to date – by pairing an old look with this season’s accessories you can instantly update it, adding style.

When it comes to accessorising for business meetings and job interviews, you have to be incredibly careful about what you wear as there are a few unwritten rules. They don’t tell you about these ones at Uni! ;) The last thing you want to do is be underdressed in a room full of smarty pants, so it’s important to be choosy about the pieces you team with your look. 

When it comes to choosing your shoes, the key is to pick a design that’s comfortable and stylish but also conservative. A nice watch is also a must – this shouldn’t, however, be too fancy. A work watch should be smart and stylish but not overly lavish. I’m a big fan of the DW watches of the Olivia Burton ones. 

In terms of jewellery, it’s best to keep things simple – the ultimate piece of jewellery for professionals isa delicate necklace or of course, pearls. To be a little different, instead of opting for normal shop bought pearls, why not pick handmade pearl jewellery, to give your look the edge? As a rule of thumb, stick to one or two pieces of casual jewellery, not including your watch, and make sure to keep it subtle.

I find there are no hard and fast rules for accessories in the workplace, as long as it’s not too over the top and you’re not strolling into the office looking like Ali G or even Honey G, you’ll be sweet.

If you want any more advice, here’s a post on what to wear for graduation.

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