Cozy Bedroom Inspiration

After reading the little book of Hygge, I’m feeling really inspired to create a perfect cozy living space which I really, really love. The principles of Hygge are all about making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Part of that is creating a space around you that feels homely and safe.

While browsing my favourite Pinterest, I can across some gorgeous bedroom designs that reminded me of the book I’m reading, and has tempted me to spruce up my own bedroom. Here are some of my favourites from SS17:

houseoffraser_25089889226959 houseoffraser_250891539999098

All of these images are stunning, and I know exactly why I’m drawn to them – they all include the colour grey! My other half will go mad as he’s tired of me decorating everything grey, but I’m confident I can sneak some cushion covers or some accessories in there without causing too much aggro.

If you’re like me and feel it’s unnecessary to completely redecorate your bedroom, you could make some sneaky subtle changes and try out some new cushion covers (some fab ones at Yorkshire Linen), cute throws, or some bedside ornaments.

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