Schwarzkopf BLONDME

IMG_4462I was contacted by Schwarzkopf to review their new shampoo for both dyed and natural blonde hair. I thought it would be perfect for me as I have both with growing out my natural colour. I chose the purple shampoo that removes yellow tones and leaves an ash colour. I have previously used Touch of Silver which worked really well but seemed to dry my hair out.

This shampoo is effective in colouring yellow-looking hair but maybe not as much as Touch of Silver. This might not actually be a bad thing however, as it is more of a gradual thing and perhaps not as damaging. This also has a much nicer smell. There was a definite difference in the tone of my dyed hair, which made it look more natural against my own.

I was most impressed with conditioning spray, it holds the purple formula, and is used on damp hair before drying. It’s really light and smells gorgeous, I’ll definitely be buying this again.

The only thing I would criticise about the shampoo is that it leaves build up. I usually have to wash my hair every other day but I found it was getting oilier faster. However this is a nice thick shampoo that foams well and smells lovely.



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