Vegan Cosmetics with Fairypants

I was recently introduced to Fairypants vegan cosmetics. After giving up dairy I keep (unintentionally) coming across articles about animal welfare in the dairy industry, and also animal testing. I am not one to preach but it is truly awful what some of these animals have to go through just so we can get a cup of tea or a nice lipstick!


I was sent this little nail polish in the post, and really excited to try it. These products are completely cruelty free which is a really nice thought, makes it guilt free too!

It needs two or three coats but looks fab when on, really super shiny too. When I had recently put it on, I was flicking through the latest copy of Glamour magazine, and looks like I was doubly on trend that day!


The only thing I can grumble about is that it’s a pain it is to remove, make sure you invest in a good nail polish remover or it might take a while! Otherwise this is a great product, lasts a long time and is pretty hard wearing. I would recommend it, especially to my vegetarian and vegan friends!

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  1. Danni March 29, 2014 / 1:04 am

    This polish looks gorgeous :) xx

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