Featured Artist: Cori Danitni – Illustrator

Cori Dantini

I came across this wonderful artist while browsing on Pinterest in the Illustration section. I loved her work so much and felt I just had to share it with the world! After contacting her to see if I could feature her work on my blog and she was delighted, and really happy to be involved. Cori Dantini¬†labels her art as “thoughtful artwork for the sentimental folk” which describes her illustrations precisely. The drawings are so delicate and very “thought about”, with a lot going on in each piece. The detail is fantastic and demonstrates a kind of dream world, full of pretty and wonderful things. I would to think that these illustrations are what the inside of Dantini’s head looks like, or perhaps her dreams.


When I showed my other half this artwork, he said it was very “me”, I am totally in love with these pieces and would adore something similar on my wall. Down to the similar colour scheme she uses in each illustration and whimsical ideas, I think it’s just perfect!

The other thing I love about Cori’s work, is the it all works so beautifully well together, even though there are pieces from a few different collections featured in this post.


Every time I recap on an image or take a closer look, I find a new aspect or detail that I might have missed before. Its almost like watching a film for the second time and noticing loads of different references and jokes you didn’t see or hear before. The details are fabulous too, and so delicate and thought about.

 this_field_of_silence this_gladness

Her clever use of layering means there is depth to the image, and fabulous little details. Often special and meaningful little mottos crop up in these illustrations such as “lovely day lovely life” and “In the wind I bend…& when I think I can bend no more, I find a new place to bend from”. Such thoughtful little sayings really brighten up and bring more meaning to the work.

Cori Dantini

What do you think of these fabulous pieces?

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