New Years Resolutions

This post might be a bit delayed, but it is because I have been following through with all of my resolutions (I promise). I will be posting in a few weeks time to see how many I have broken so far!


1. Keep up the dairy free business.

I’ve never felt better for giving up dairy both on the inside and outside. I feel more awake and my skin is great. I do miss cheese however, so do let myself off once in a while. I even survived Christmas without dairy – it was fairly easy as my brother can’t have dairy so I didn’t feel like I was putting anyone out. You can see my tips on going diary free here.


2. Write more letters

I really want to start keeping up with friends and family who live away or abroad. I love getting letters in the post too.


3. Fill my diary with lovely things.

After looking back at 2013, I had so many great things to look forward to, finishing Uni, my London exhibition and some special arrivals in the family. I want 2014 to top last year, and so far it is! More babies, weddings, engagements and my graduation is this month. On top of this I’m hoping to move out in the middle of the year!


4. Take more photos

I don’t want to be one of those people with their camera out all of the time, but I would love lots of memories to look back on at the end of 2014. I also want to print more photos, and make photo books!


5. Surprise people more

Things like buying my Mam flowers, or getting a gift for someone just because!


6. Walk more

It’s not possible for me to walk to work, but I’d like to get out during the weekends or when the nights start getting lighter. A bit of exercise can’t do anyone harm really.


7. Do not colour my hair!

I have managed to last 6 months without colouring my hair, and am firmly in that awkward stage where I look like I’m too lazy/can’t afford to recolour my hair! I do feel really determined to carry on however, and after another few months my hair will look dip dyed, and not so awkward! You can see a guide to growing your natural hair out here.


That concludes my resolutions, do you have any? Or have you broken them yet?


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